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The concept of eHealth includes all use of information and communication technologies in the health and medical care sector.


eHealth services facilitate the simple and secure exchange of essential health data between healthcare providers within and between countries.


The services can be used by countries wishing to exchange information electronically for research, follow-up or quality comparison purposes.

MANDALAY – in its role as an independent system integrator is a pioneer in implementing highly complex systems, such as seamless and fully integrated eHealth solutions incorporating electronic health records across all levels of healthcare providers, ranging from primary clinics to tertiary hospitals. Comprehensive patient information, at the fingertips of medical staff, benefits all healthcare stakeholders, and, most of all, the patients.

elle - Elderly Well-being Profile

The elle Well-being Profile is a comprehensive geriatric assessment method. It is used to assess the well-being, functioning and activity level of the elderly.

elle well-being profile provides information about the eldery person's ow understanding of their well-being and also a comprehensive assessment of risk factors for well-being, such as physical and mental performance, risk of tipping and muscular fitness, disability or environment, home safety, social activity, and network.

Positive well-being experiences and regular well-being activities for the elderly reduce the need for and the costs of social and health care services. Preventive action by society can be both productive and cost effective.

Mandis - inventory management

Mandalay Consulting Ltd is the developer of the Mandis inventory management tool. Mandis makes it easy for every employee in the unit to keep a record of the unit's medical equipment and supplies. 


Mandis gives you a quick look at your equipment maintenance needs, calibrations, and the option to easily delete and add devices as needed.

Mandis does not require an IT project, any user can easily install Mandis on a Windows PC. We will assist with installation (or install Mandis for you) as needed, either locally or remotely.


Mandis is a secure product and also stores your inventory on Mandalay's servers, so in the event of a possible hardware failure on your PC, the data is safe and stored.