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Our vision is to be our clients’ trusted long-term partner for customer engagement in a constantly changing world.

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We create amazing customer experiences that people value and we are proud of. By combining talent, data and technology we deliver real impact for our partners.  We serve your customers by combining the best of people, technology and innovation.

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Sales management


No sales manager? No problem! Hire Mandalay as your Sales Management Department to redesign, rebuild & run all areas of your sales organization. 

Mandalay is a set of “experienced hands” to help you on a project-by-project basis in any area within the sales organization.

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Sales consulting

Don’t want to outsource your sales, but still need help?  No problem, let Mandalay help!

By leveraging our vast experience , we can assist you with reviewing, evaluating, or completely re-writing your strategy and build the process that will support indefinite sales success.

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Sales & customer service training


We bring learning to where your employees are, with engaging formats and the most relevant content. Whether it’s digital, personalized or instructor led training – we create advanced innovative learning solutions, specifically tailored to your needs.

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